JK-SV-NSA-1009 B and D Award Jacket Ver New World

販売価格 価格 ¥100,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 



フードを開けると「Welcome new world」という文字が完成。






S 着丈/67cm 袖丈/59cm 身幅/60cm 肩幅/54cm 裄丈/85cm

M 着丈/69cm 袖丈/61cm 身幅/62cm 肩幅/55.5cm 裄丈/87.75cm

L 着丈/71cm 袖丈/63cm 身幅/64cm 肩幅/57cm 裄丈/90.5cm

XL 着丈/73cm 袖丈/65cm 身幅/66cm 肩幅/58.5cm 裄丈/93.25cm


This is an award jacket made using a knit wool compressed melton fabric, which is created by using fur (from bears and deer) produced during the process of making game leather for Seveskig.

When the hood is opened, it reveals the phrase "Welcome new world."

This design carries both a sense of irony towards contemporary society and a reflection of the unsettling nature.

The fabric itself features embroidery of this season's design inspiration throughout.

Please note that the hood is detachable with a zipper.



S: Length/67cm, Sleeve Length/59cm, Chest Width/60cm, Shoulder Width/54cm, Sleeve Inseam/85cm

M: Length/69cm, Sleeve Length/61cm, Chest Width/62cm, Shoulder Width/55.5cm, Sleeve Inseam/87.75cm

L: Length/71cm, Sleeve Length/63cm, Chest Width/64cm, Shoulder Width/57cm, Sleeve Inseam/90.5cm

XL: Length/73cm, Sleeve Length/65cm, Chest Width/66cm, Shoulder Width/58.5cm, Sleeve Inseam/93.25cm