SH-SV-NAS-1004 / Silk flannel Grandpa Shirt Jacket

販売価格 価格 ¥65,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 







S 着丈/98cm 袖丈/56.5cm 身幅/69.5cm 肩幅/49.5cm 裄丈/81.25cm

M 着丈/100cm 袖丈/58.5cm 身幅/71.5cm 肩幅/51cm 裄丈/84cm

L 着丈/102cm 袖丈/60.5cm 身幅/73.5cm 肩幅/52.5cm 裄丈/86.75cm

XL 着丈/104cm 袖丈/62.5cm 身幅/75.5cm 肩幅/54cm 裄丈/89.5cm


This grandpa shirt is crafted using cotton nep yarn for the horizontal threads and silk spun yarn for the vertical threads, resulting in a silk-cotton blend.

The 3mm pintucks on the front, side lacing, and band collar evoke Native American inspirations in their detailing.

Utilizing silk imparts a robust texture reminiscent of vintage flannel while capturing the faded look of time-worn pieces.

Reportedly, silk offers advantages like moisture retention, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, making it an exceptionally effective material for the winter months.


S Length/98cm Sleeve/56.5cm Body/69.5cm Shoulder/49.5cm Length from Sleeve/81.25cm

M Length/100cm Sleeve/58.5cm Body/71.5cm Shoulder/51cm Length from Sleeve/84cm

L Length/102cm Sleeve/60.5cm Body/73.5cm Shoulder/52.5cm Length from Sleeve/86.75cm

XL Length/104cm Sleeve/62.5cm Body/75.5cm Shoulder/54cm Length from Sleeve/89.5cm