CT-SVI-NAS-1004 PAPRIKA Collaboration TEE004 Ver, Tokita Robo & Japanese Doll

販売価格 価格 ¥13,200 通常価格 単価  あたり 


2023年秋冬『パプリカ』コラボレーション記念イベントで、会場先行発売された商品をSEVESKIG ONLINE SHOPで発売いたします。





Mサイズ 着丈/74cm 袖丈/62cm 身幅/62cm 肩幅/52cm Lサイズ 着丈/78cm 袖丈/64cm 身幅/60cm 肩幅/56cm XLサイズ 着丈/81cm 袖丈/65cm 身幅/63cm 肩幅/56cm


We will be releasing products that were first sold exclusively at the venue of the 2023 autumn/winter "Paprika" collaboration commemorative event for purchase on SEVESKIG ONLINE SHOP.

The front of the shirt features a special transfer sheet print of "Tokita Robot" (scene photo), where Tokita has been transformed into a robot.

On the back, an enigmatic expression of "Checker Doll" is printed with a special reflective sheet that gives off an eerie vibe.

AR has been integrated into the back "Checker Doll" scene photo, so please download "COCOAR" to enjoy the full experience.

The material used is a thick cotton that resembles a vintage t-shirt.


M Size

Length/74cm Sleeve length/62cm Width/62cm Shoulder width/52cm

L Size

Length/78cm Sleeve length/64cm Width/60cm Shoulder width/56cm

XL Size

Length/81cm Sleeve length/65cm Width/63cm Shoulder width/56cm