VS-SV-NSA-1002 Down Vest ver Error World

販売価格 価格 ¥110,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 



その予言をソースに、前見頃には『messenger』、後身には『World is over』の文字をキルト刺繍している。




S 着丈/68cm 身幅/58cm 肩幅/48.5cm

M 着丈/70cm 身幅/60cm 肩幅/50cm

L 着丈/72cm 身幅/62cm 肩幅/51.5cm

XL 着丈/74cm 身幅/64cm 肩幅/53cm

The jacket is inspired by the prophecies of four individuals who are said to be messengers from the Hopi tribe. These messengers predict that if the modern era (referred to as the "Fourth World") continues its current trajectory of endless warfare and relentless technological progress, it is certain to head towards its own destruction.

Reflecting these ominous prophecies, the front of the jacket is adorned with quilted embroidery that reads "messenger," while the back carries the words "World is over."

The down filling used in the jacket is Green Down, which is a type of recycled down. This provides higher fill power and better loft compared to traditional down, making the jacket warmer and more efficient in terms of insulation.

The lining features a graphic generated by AI, depicting members of the Hopi tribe standing at the entrance to the "Fifth World." This artistic element adds another layer of depth to the jacket, tying back to the prophetic messages and the idea of transitioning from the Fourth to the Fifth World, according to Hopi beliefs.



S Length/68cm Chest Width/58cm Shoulder Width/48.5cm

M Length/70cm Chest Width/60cm Shoulder Width/50cm

L Length/72cm Chest Width/62cm Shoulder Width/51.5cm

XL Length/74cm Chest Width/64cm Shoulder Width/53cm