KN-SV-NSA-1003 / Cowichan Knit Ver,N W O

販売価格 価格 ¥110,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 





『第四世界』が終わらない様にという意味合いで、両袖には4TH WORLDを配置。

S 着丈/67.5cm 身幅/60cm 裾幅/55cm 袖丈/84cm

M 着丈/69.5cm 身幅/62cm 裾幅/57cm 袖丈/87cm

L 着丈/71.5cm 身幅/64cm 裾幅/59cm 袖丈/90cm

XL 着丈/73.5cm 身幅/66cm 裾幅/61cm 袖丈/93cm


A cardigan knit coat made from super-fine merino wool.

To give it a vintage feel, the body fabric is knit with a mix of two different colored yarns.

All patterns are hand-embroidered in a three-dimensional manner.

To add depth, two shades of the same color are used for the threads.

On the left chest, there's an embroidered beer, and on the right chest, an embroidered ear of corn.

The Coyote, known as "the one who closes the doors to the apocalypse," is hand-embroidered on the back.

To signify the wish for the "Fourth World" to never end, the words 4TH WORLD are positioned on both sleeves.


S Length/67.5cm Width/60cm Hem Width/55cm Sleeve Length/84cm

M Length/69.5cm Width/62cm Hem Width/57cm Sleeve Length/87cm

L Length/71.5cm Width/64cm Hem Width/59cm Sleeve Length/90cm

XL Length/73.5cm Width/66cm Hem Width/61cm Sleeve Length/93cm