JK-SV-NSA-1001 Down Jacket ver Error World

販売価格 価格 ¥165,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 



その予言をソースに、前見頃には『messenger』、後身には『World is over』の文字をキルト刺繍している。



S 着丈/69cm 袖丈/61.5cm 身幅/59cm 肩幅/53cm 裄丈/88cm

M 着丈/71cm 袖丈/63.5cm 身幅/61cm 肩幅/54.5cm 裄丈/90.75cm

L 着丈/73cm 袖丈/65.5cm 身幅/63cm 肩幅/56cm 裄丈/93.5cm

XL 着丈/75cm 袖丈/67.5cm 身幅/65cm 肩幅/57.5cm 裄丈/96.25cm

The jacket is inspired by the prophecies of four individuals said to be Hopi tribe messengers. According to them, if the modern world (the Fourth World) continues on its path of war and technological advancement, it is destined for destruction.

As a reflection of this prophecy, the front of the jacket features quilted embroidery that reads "messenger," while the back reads "World is over."

The jacket's insulation uses recycled down, known as Green Down, which has a higher fill power and loft compared to regular down, making it more efficient for insulation.


S Length/69cm Sleeve Length/61.5cm Chest Width/59cm Shoulder Width/53cm Sleeve Length (from center back)/88cm

M Length/71cm Sleeve Length/63.5cm Chest Width/61cm Shoulder Width/54.5cm Sleeve Length (from center back)/90.75cm

L Length/73cm Sleeve Length/65.5cm Chest Width/63cm Shoulder Width/56cm Sleeve Length (from center back)/93.5cm

XL Length/75cm Sleeve Length/67.5cm Chest Width/65cm Shoulder Width/57.5cm Sleeve Length (from center back)/96.25cm