LT-SV-NSA-1001 Mouton Bomber Jacket

販売価格 価格 ¥363,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 





テープ部分は茶芯のホースハイドを使用。 経年変化で芯が出てくるのも特徴的なムートンボンバージャケット。


S 着丈/63.5cm 袖丈/61cm 身幅/60cm 肩幅/48.5cm 裄丈/85.25cm

M 着丈/65.5cm 袖丈/63cm 身幅/62cm 肩幅/50cm 裄丈/88cm

L 着丈/67.5cm 袖丈/65cm 身幅/64cm 肩幅/51.5cm 裄丈/90.75cm

XL 着丈/69.5cm 袖丈/67cm 身幅/66cm 肩幅/53cm 裄丈/93.5cm


American mouton has become a staple material for autumn and winter.

This season, we've modernized the straightforward B-3 flight jacket design.

The exterior is treated with nappa finishing, while the interior boasts a solid 2cm thickness, resulting in a robust finish.

The tape sections use a core-brown horsehide. The mouton bomber jacket is distinct in how, over time, the core becomes more pronounced.


S Length/63.5cm Sleeve Length/61cm Width/60cm Shoulder Width/48.5cm Sleeve Span/85.25cm

M Length/65.5cm Sleeve Length/63cm Width/62cm Shoulder Width/50cm Sleeve Span/88cm

L Length/67.5cm Sleeve Length/65cm Width/64cm Shoulder Width/51.5cm Sleeve Span/90.75cm

XL Length/69.5cm Sleeve Length/67cm Width/66cm Shoulder Width/53cm Sleeve Span/93.5cm