JK-SV-NSA-1007 Native gown coat ver Imabari towel

販売価格 価格 ¥143,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 








S 着丈/116cm 袖丈/57cm 身幅/63cm 肩幅/55cm 裄丈/84.5cm

M 着丈/118cm 袖丈/59cm 身幅/65cm 肩幅/56.5cm 裄丈/87.25cm

L 着丈/120cm 袖丈/61cm 身幅/67cm 肩幅/58cm 裄丈/90cm

XL 着丈/122cm 袖丈/63cm 身幅/69cm 肩幅/59.5cm 裄丈/92.75cm


A gown coat crafted using original jacquard towel fabric made with Imabari towels.

By applying a ripple raising process, we have achieved a look reminiscent of a vintage blanket.

The pattern incorporates symbols such as rain marks and signs of a bountiful harvest, the footsteps of a thunderbird, ant people, and crosses, all infused with wishes for everyone's happiness.

The upper front part utilizes A-2 hooks, commonly found on A-2 jackets.


S Length: 116cm Sleeve length: 57cm Width: 63cm Shoulder width: 55cm Sleeve length (from center back to cuff): 84.5cm

M Length: 118cm Sleeve length: 59cm Width: 65cm Shoulder width: 56.5cm Sleeve length (from center back to cuff): 87.25cm

L Length: 120cm Sleeve length: 61cm Width: 67cm Shoulder width: 58cm Sleeve length (from center back to cuff): 90cm

XL Length: 122cm Sleeve length: 63cm Width: 69cm Shoulder width: 59.5cm Sleeve length (from center back to cuff): 92.75cm