LT-SV-NSA-1002 Japan Cow Leather ver,ZEO 5B Jacket

販売価格 価格 ¥132,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 





S 着丈/62cm 袖丈/60cm 身幅/59cm 肩幅/49cm 裄丈/84.5cm
M 着丈/64cm 袖丈/62cm 身幅/61cm 肩幅/50.5cm 裄丈/87.25cm
L 着丈/66cm 袖丈/64cm 身幅/63cm 肩幅/52cm 裄丈/90cm
XL 着丈/68cm 袖丈/66cm 身幅/65cm 肩幅/53.5cm 裄丈/92.75cm


Using Hokkaido Holstein leather, this 5B leather jacket is crafted.

It features a full vegetable tanning process with the addition of zeolite minerals, resulting in a thick yet soft finish.

Despite its 1.4-1.5mm thickness, the jacket is designed to feel lightweight when worn, showcasing excellent pattern making.


S: Length/62cm, Sleeve Length/60cm, Chest Width/59cm, Shoulder Width/49cm, Sleeve Inseam/84.5cm

M: Length/64cm, Sleeve Length/62cm, Chest Width/61cm, Shoulder Width/50.5cm, Sleeve Inseam/87.25cm

L: Length/66cm, Sleeve Length/64cm, Chest Width/63cm, Shoulder Width/52cm, Sleeve Inseam/90cm

XL: Length/68cm, Sleeve Length/66cm, Chest Width/65cm, Shoulder Width/53.5cm, Sleeve Inseam/92.75cm