時代は違いますが、1998年に公開された『PERFECT BLUE』(今 敏監督 アニメ処女作)にもその断片が見て取れます。







The theme of the film is the Internet society where anyone can be either a victim or a perpetrator, people who suffer from it or feel exhilarated by it, social networking sites, and the darkness on the Internet.

The more famous a person is, the more likely he or she is to be slandered, especially if he or she is a celebrity, and the more likely he or she is to be lynched online and forced to suspend his or her activities.

They compete daily to fry the person and eventually put his/her home address, family structure, family photos, and pictures of the person on the Internet.

They humiliate people like it is a game.

Of course, it is true that they have done things that are in some way offensive, but when they go over the limit, their words and actions become a deadly weapon.

The impulse is for profit, for self-gratification, for approval, for the number of "likes" on social networking sites, for the number of retweets, and so on. retweets, etc.

The frightening thing is that people who lynch online are not psychopaths or murderers, but very ordinary people.

People who have been arrested for excessive slander and libel have always said, "I didn't think it would be this big of a deal.

I believe that the anonymity of the Internet allows people to express their distorted emotions such as love, jealousy, duality, virtuality, desire for approval, and selfishness.

I want people to think about the possibility that a single retweet button can hurt people.

Although the times are different, we can see fragments of this in "PERFECT BLUE" (director Satoshi Kon's first animation film) released in 1998.

Obsessive love on someone brings the darkness of the heart that turns out to be a deadly weapon.

At the time of this work, the only web networks available were blogs.

The work depicts how a person creates “Mima’s Room” without permission that sends out false information, which brings a worst end by a fan going berserk.

Even now, in the year 2022, the similar thing is still happening again and again.

By incorporating a work that foreshadows the darkness of the times into the theme, the collection is finished with the hope that it will sound a warning bell from the fashion world and discourage people from doing so.