SH-SV-NNA-1003 / Embroidery Wool Adapt Shirt

販売価格 価格 $269.09 通常価格 単価  あたり 






S 着丈/74cm 袖丈/53cm 身幅/58cm 肩幅/58.5cm 裄丈/82.25cm

M 着丈/76cm 袖丈/55cm 身幅/60cm 肩幅/60cm 裄丈/85cm

L 着丈/78cm 袖丈/57cm 身幅/62cm 肩幅/61.5cm 裄丈/87.75cm

XL 着丈/80cm 袖丈/59cm 身幅/64cm 肩幅/63cm 裄丈/90.5cm

Concept shirt in a vintage-like recycled wool ombre check with a crisp feel to the touch.

The back, which cannot be seen directly by itself is "faux-layered" inspired by simulation (色即是空) it mean the delimitation of colour immediate, empty is considered to be colour immediate, empty, Colour immediacy and emptiness. Colour means all tangible substances and phenomena in the universe, while empty means that there is no constant substance from buddha.

It is embroidered with graffiti A/W22 theme motifs such as Adam and Eve, the Eye of Providence, Darwinian abstractions, animals and intelligence dedicated from the Annunaki.


S Length/74cm Sleeve/53cm Body/58cm Shoulder/58.5cm Length from Sleeve/82.25cm

M Length/76cm Sleeve/55cm Body/60cm Shoulder/60cm Length from Sleeve/85cm

L Length/78cm Sleeve/57cm Body/62cm Shoulder/61.5cm Length from Sleeve/87.75cm

XL Length/80cm Sleeve/59cm Body/64cm Shoulder/63cm Length from Sleeve/90.5cm