PT-SV-NNA-1006 / Embroidery Wool Adapt Pants

販売価格 価格 $274.59 通常価格 単価  あたり 






S ウエスト/80cm 股上/28.5cm ヒップ/109cm 渡り幅/32cm 股下/70cm 裾幅/20.9cm

M ウエスト/84cm 股上/29cm ヒップ/113cm 渡り幅/33cm 股下/72cm 裾幅/21.5cm

L ウエスト/88cm 股上/29.5cm ヒップ/117cm 渡り幅/34cm 股下/74cm 裾幅/22.1cm

XL ウエスト/92cm 股上/30cm ヒップ/121cm 渡り幅/35cm 股下/76cm 裾幅/22.7cm

Concept trousers in a vintage-like recycled wool ombre check with a crisp feel to the touch.

The lining is lined with a stretch "3-layer fabric" making the trousers windproof and warm.

They are embroidered with graffiti A/W22 theme motifs, including Adam and Eve, the Eye of Providence, Darwinian abstractions, animals and intelligence dedicated from the Annunaki.


S Waist/80cm Inseam High/28.5cm Hip/109cm Width across/32cm Inseam Low/70cm Hem width/20.9cm

M Waist/84cm Inseam High/29cm Hip/113cm Width Across/33cm Inseam Low/72cm Hem Width/21.5cm

L Waist/88cm Inseam High/29.5cm Hip/117cm Width Across/34cm Inseam Low/74cm Hem Width/22.1cm

XL Waist/92cm Inseam High/30cm Hip/121cm Width Across/35cm Inseam Low/76cm Hem Width/22.7cm