KN-SV-NSA-1004 4TH World is over

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背面には皮肉を込めたイメージでリンカーンの顔を配置、前身には『FOURTH』背面のリンカーンの顔の上に『WORLD IS OVER』の文字を手刺繍している。



S 着丈/66cm 袖丈/54cm 身幅/64cm 肩幅/57cm 裄丈/82.5cm

M 着丈/68cm 袖丈/56cm 身幅/66cm 肩幅/58.5cm 裄丈/85.25cm

L 着丈/70cm 袖丈/58cm 身幅/68cm 肩幅/60cm 裄丈/88cm

XL 着丈/72cm 袖丈/60cm 身幅/70cm 肩幅/61.5cm 裄丈/90.75cm


This knit cardigan has been enhanced for warmth by generously using alpaca and employing a felting technique to add thickness to the knit.

On the back, an image of Lincoln's face is positioned with a touch of irony, and on the front, the word "FOURTH" is embroidered. Above Lincoln's face on the back, the words "WORLD IS OVER" are hand-embroidered.

This cardigan was created with the intent to make people aware that while Lincoln is celebrated for emancipating enslaved people, there are sad truths behind that history as well.


S: Length/66cm Sleeve Length/54cm Body Width/64cm Shoulder Width/57cm Sleeve Length from Center Back/82.5cm

M: Length/68cm Sleeve Length/56cm Body Width/66cm Shoulder Width/58.5cm Sleeve Length from Center Back/85.25cm

L: Length/70cm Sleeve Length/58cm Body Width/68cm Shoulder Width/60cm Sleeve Length from Center Back/88cm

XL: Length/72cm Sleeve Length/60cm Body Width/70cm Shoulder Width/61.5cm Sleeve Length from Center Back/90.75cm