JK-SV-NSA-1003 Variable MA-01 ver Iteration

販売価格 価格 ¥132,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 







S 着丈/66cm 袖丈/61.5cm 身幅/62.5cm 肩幅/52.5cm 裄丈/87.75cm

M 着丈/68cm 袖丈/63.5cm 身幅/64.5cm 肩幅/54cm 裄丈/90.5cm

L 着丈/70cm 袖丈/65.5cm 身幅/66.5cm 肩幅/55.5cm 裄丈/93.25cm

XL 着丈/72cm 袖丈/67.5cm 身幅/68.5cm 肩幅/57cm 裄丈/96cm


Introducing our original MA-1 jacket, crafted with regenerated nylon flat yarn and inspired by the "corn husks" that the Hopi tribe is said to have brought from the Orion constellation.

Hand-dyeing the original material creates shadows on the flat yarn, replicating a vintage texture.

This versatile item allows for 4-way styling by pulling out the inner vest.

We've used photonic polymer in regenerated polyester cotton to ensure that the interior temperature doesn't exceed 26°C, making it a jacket that doesn't get too hot.


S: Length/66cm Sleeve Length/61.5cm Width/62.5cm Shoulder Width/52.5cm Yoke Length/87.75cm

M: Length/68cm Sleeve Length/63.5cm Width/64.5cm Shoulder Width/54cm Yoke Length/90.5cm

L: Length/70cm Sleeve Length/65.5cm Width/66.5cm Shoulder Width/55.5cm Yoke Length/93.25cm

XL: Length/72cm Sleeve Length/67.5cm Width/68.5cm Shoulder Width/57cm Yoke Length/96cm